Filters and their role in a vehicle system

Filters and their role in a vehicle system

There are different model of filters in a vehicle system. They all have an important role they play in the system. We see that many vehicles have four or more filters and all need to be changed periodically. They may require special tools for their replacement .Let us look at some of the different types of filters we always find in our cars and what they do.

Fuel filter

A fuel filter in a vehicle helps supply clean fuel to the engine while also protecting the fuel injectors. The only way that a car will be able to crank and run properly is by having enough amount of gas. Making sure that each of the components of the fuel system is working properly should be one of the top concerns that a car owner has. Among the most important and commonly overlooked parts of the fuel system is the fuel filter. This filter helps to filter out both the moisture and the trash that may get into the vehicle’s fuel system. The fuel filter on a vehicle is used every time you crank and drive the automobile.

How can you know that a fuel filter is faulty?

Some of the indications associated with a faulty fuel filter include:

  • An engine dying or sputtering while driving, especially when accelerating
  • A rough idling engine
  • The car power is much reduced
  • The vehicle is not starting
  • Gas mileage will be very poor
  • Check Engine Light is on
  • This vehicle will not stay cranked

Whenever you have a poor fuel quality in the vehicle system it is very bad for the engine and may render the vehicle unusable.

When should a fuel filter be replaced?

The replacement of a fuel filter on an older model car is at least every 2 years or 30,000 Km. On newer models, this interval can run longer. The best way to tell if your fuel filter needs replacing is to have the mechanic do a fuel pressure test. This lets the mechanic know how much PSI the fuel pump is generating at the fuel rail, with a faulty fuel filter reducing the pressure produced. The normal amount of pressure for a fuel-injected vehicle runs around 30 to 60 PSI.

Driving a car that has a bad fuel filter can lead to you being broke down on the side of the road. Usually, there will be a number of warning signs when the fuel filter has to be replaced. Failing to notice and act when these warning signs surface can lead to a number of different issues.

Air filter

Air filter is in the vehicle system and it works to clean the air that goes into the engine for combustion. Different materials make up air filters so you might see them made with paper, foam, or sometimes even cotton. The air filter cleans the air as it enters the engine to remove any abrasive particles. This ensures that the combustion occurs in the best possible conditions and it makes sure the fuel efficiency of the vehicle remains where it should according to the manufacturer.

How can you know that a air filter is faulty?

  • Gas mileage, which you can see by fuel efficiency reduction.
  • Gasoline smell, which you notice when you start the vehicle.
  • Flame on exhaust or black smoke resulted from a not well burnt fuel due to the insufficiency of air during the admission.
  • Appearance of a dirty air filter which changed its color from white to a different color mostly black.

When should an air filter be replaced?

Most of the cars, air filter replacement intervals vary between 15,000 and 30,000 Km, depending on the driving conditions. If the vehicle is regularly driven on unpaved roads, it should be changed more often. If it is not driven a lot, the filter should be replaced at least every 3 years, as with age it becomes brittle. The air filter is usually checked during a regular oil changes.

Oil filter

Oil filter in a vehicle system is a filter designed to remove contaminants from engine oil before it enters the engine. But oil filters are used in many different types of hydraulic machinery.

How can you know that an oil filter is faulty?

Oil filters are designed with a safety feature that allows unfiltered oil to continue into the engine, because unfiltered oil is still more beneficial than no oil inside the engine.

  • Some indications that your oil filter requires a replacement:
  • There is Smell of Gasoline in the Exhaust and Engine Back Firing
  • Lower Gas Mileage and you find Black Smoke in Exhaust.
  • You can have a rough Engine Noise.

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